ElectriFly Silver Series 60A B

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This is the ElectriFly Silver Series 60 amp Hi Volt Brushless Electronic Speed Control. Capable of handling up to 50V on the input and 60 amps of continuous current on the output, the SS-60 is designed for larger high-performance electric airplanes. FEATURES: Compatible with NiCd, NiMH and LiPo batteries, handles 14-32 NiCd/ NiMH cells or 4-12 LiPo cells (12.4-50V) Handles up to 50V on input and the pulse-width modulated output delivers 60A continuous current and 72A surge current Very little programming required for ease of use and no-hassle flying fun, an optional Programming Card (GPMM1895) allows adjustment of brake (ON or OFF), motor rotation (forward or reverse), timing angle (12 or 20°), operating frequency (8kHz or 16kHz), or custom setting of low battery cutoff voltage (12.4-37.0V) Safe-Start function prevents accidental propeller rotation Opto-isolated radio control (no BEC) for smooth, precise, trouble- free RF signals 8.5kHz operating frequency for smooth throttle response, good run- time and cool operation Audible setup tones Fully propotional forward with ON/OFF brake 180 day warranty Mounting tabs for easy mounting and good airflow for cooling INCLUDES: ElectriFly Silver Series 60A Hi Volt Brushless Electronic Speed Control with 4" (10cm) 14AWG silicone insulated battery wires, 6" (15cm) 14AWG silicone insulated motor wires, pre-installed universal radio connector, Deans Ultra battery connector, 4mm female bullet motor connectors REQUIRES: Mating motor connectors, use: GPMM3114 Mating battery connector, use: WSDM3000 SPECS: Input Voltage: 14-32 NiCd/MH cells, 4-12 LiPo cells (12.4-50V) BEC: No BEC circuit, opto-isolated Output Current: 60A continuous max., 72A surge max. Max. Output Power: 3000 watts ON-Resistance: 0.004 ohms Thermal Cutoff: 230°F (110°C) Dimensions: 2.3 x 1.9 x 0.7 in. (58 x 48 x 18mm) Weight: 3.13oz. (89g, w/Deans Ultra plug, Rx plug, three 4mm bullets) Manual Setup Setting w/Optional Programming Card Brake: ON or OFF ON or OFF Rotation direction: forward only forward or reverse Timing angle: 12° only 12 or 20° Operating frequency: 8kHz only 8kHz or 16kHz Low voltage cutoff: Starting 12.4 - 37.0V adjustable battery voltage x 0.74 COMMENTS: For optional Programming Card, order GPMM1895. The "Silver Series" line of brushless electronic speed controls include many built-in safety features. One such feature COULD POSSIBLY CAUSE THE BRUSHLESS MOTOR TO STOP ROTATING when the transmitter's stick is at an extremely low position and/or if rotation of the brushless motor is impeded or obstructed in some way. This is NORMAL, as the ESC is detecting that a problem possibly exists with the motor and/or speed control. Rotation of the motor is stopped to protect the speed control from possible damage. WARNING!! If the ESC and motor have already been armed and the motor has been rotating normally, yet after moving the throttle stick to near minimum the motor suddenly ceases to rotate normally even if the throttle stick is advancedabove minimum throttle, DO NOT PLACE YOUR HANDS NEAR THE PROPELLER!! FAILURE TO OBEY THIS WARNING COULD RESULT IN PERSONAL INJURY!! From this point, moving the throttle stick up - even to full throttle might not cause the motor to rotate BUT THE MOTOR IS STILL ARMED AND ACTIVE DURING THIS TIME!! To regain control of the motor, move the throttle stick to absolute minimum throttle position and then advance the throttle stick upwards once again. Alternatively, you can disconnect the battery from the ESC, then re-connect thepower source and re-arm the system. NEVER get near the propeller if the speed control is connected to input power! ALWAYS make sure the throttle stick is at minimum position before attempting todisconnect the battery from the speed control! ElectriFly is not responsible for incidental damage or personal injury as a result of misuse of this product